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Any material made from real animal skins or hides can be classified as genuine leather. But can you tell the difference in quality? Not all genuine leather products are created equal.

Here is a quick overview to the four basic grains or leather qualities:


Usually found in luxury goods, full-grain leather is the most desirable and highest quality of leather on the market. Characterised by a visible natural grain and smooth surface texture, only the best pieces of leather are selected and categorised as full-grain. This type of leather isn’t treated with sanding or buffing which could damage its natural fibre structure. Instead, full-grain leather is strong, stable, and can last for generations. When maintained correctly, this leather develops an enviable natural patina which strengthens the material and deepens its colour, aging it beautifully over time.

Note on Finishing Types:
There are two types of finishings used on leather: Aniline, and Semi-aniline.

Aniline is the most natural finishing method, using only soluble dyes that maintains the leather’s texture and porosity. As a result, Aniline leathers are soft to the touch and can only be used on completely flawless hides. Semi-aniline leathers have a layer of finish applied on it for protection against stains and wear over time. The thickness of this coating will vary according to leather grades.


Top-grain leather is a more commonly found material due to its availability and affordability. This leather is sanded on its surface, making it thinner and more flexible but requiring it to have a Semi-aniline coated finish to protect it from the elements. Top-grain leather is less breathable and cooler to the touch due to its coating.


Low-quality leather can be sanded, buffed, and embossed with an artificial grain texture to imitate the look of higher quality leathers. Corrected-grain leather is the cheapest form of leather, usually made with thick coatings in order to improve its functionality and attractiveness. The texture of corrected-grain is stiff with a synthetic plastic feel, but still able to be classified as genuine leather.

Which type of leather would you prefer? Here at KASIYAR, we use only the best full-grain leathers in all of our premium leather products. Sourced directly from artisanal tanneries in India that produce some of the world’s best luxury goods, we believe in offering our customers fine quality goods that are made to last.