Goldbond Elec. Cheque Writer Gbb-310cw

For 1 quantity RM 315.00
For 5 quanties & above RM 305.55
For 12 quanties & above RM 299.25
For 50 quanties & above RM 283.50
For 500 quanties & above RM 267.75

10 Digit Cheque Writer With Calculator Function

Brand :

Barcode : 1362

Availability : Available

Model GBB310CW
16 Currencies YES
Number of DIgit Display 14
LCD Display YES
Power Supply 220+10%V
Power Consumption 40W
Dimension 245X182X118mm
Weight 2.2Kg
Printing Type Clear embosses figures and special ink impossible to alteration or falsification
Features - Inputing by the keyboard for Rapidity and Accuracy
- Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
- Position for typing on the check can adjusted
- Number of cheeks issued and total amount can be on
  memorized and displayed
- Additional calculator function


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