Glue Stick 7g (Purple) 6108-30D-GLB
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Glue Stick 7g (Purple) 6108-30D-GLB

Scotch Glue Stick 7g (Purple) 70070962074

Brand : 3M SCOTCH

Barcode : 021200502712

Availability : Available

1 carton of 180 pcs
RRP RM 3.20 RM 2.72
above 500 quanties RM 2.56

Scotch™ Glue Sticks
Perfect for school projects and scrapbooking.
Purple Glue Stick: Applies Purple , Dries Clear
Scotch® Brand Glue
Each glue we offer is designed to solve a unique set of problems. From complex crafts to quick fixes, we’ll help you find exactly the right glue for your project.

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