F/ Castell W/board Marker L. Green 1560
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F/ Castell W/board Marker L. Green 1560

Marker Pen For Whiteboard Sharp Tip, Dry Wipe, Easy To Clean, Keep Cap Closed, Store Horizontally, 156062


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The Fine Point Whiteboard markers are all made from high quality colour pigments. Its enable presenter working on a whiteboard to correct or remove text and sketches quickly. The low-odour ink is fast drying, highly lightfast and can be easily wiped off dry without residues. Available in 10 inks colors with fine tip and bold marking, ideal for office, home and school.
  • Specially designed for children, Faber-Castell Slim Whiteboard Marker comes with easy-to-grip barrel size
  • It is ideal for small hands and the fine point tip is suitable for writing and drawing on smaller whiteboard
  • The bright ink easily erases from the whiteboard surfaces
  • bright marking: great contrast and visibility
  • Xylene free and low odour
  • Available in 10 colours: Blue, Black, Red, Green, Lime Green, Pink, Orange, Violet, Sky Blue & Brown
  • For better performance, place the marker tip down position for minimum one hour before 

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