Flexoffice Chalk Marker Yellow Cm01-ye
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Flexoffice Chalk Marker Yellow Cm01-ye

Chalk Marker Sharp Tip, Use For Board, Window, Metal, Plastic, Glass, 4.8ml Fo - Cm01, 2.0 - 4.5mm


Barcode : 8935001884453

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1 box of 12 pcs
1 carton of 600 pcs
RRP RM 4.40 RM 3.74
above 500 quanties RM 3.52


  •  Ideal for creating attentiongrabbing displays at home, office or cafes.
  •  Bright and luminous inks, perfect for creating displays and signs that stand out under both UV (black) light and normal daylight conditions.
  •  Easy to wipe off with soft and dry cloth.
  •  No leaking, no ink drying.
  •  Highly efficient, nontoxic.

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